At memjo we believe technology is for everyone.

It should never be scary or intimidating.

We have creatively combined reminiscence and technology to improve lives – and have great fun!

Personal reminiscence at a touch

Own home

Care home

  • You don’t need to be an IT wizard to make intuitive, easy to use memory journals combining photos, music and more

  • Runs on low cost tablet computers

  • Links to website where family and friends can upload photos, music, videos and memories

  • Support connections between family, friends and carers

  • Maximise the impact of visits to make a positive experience

  • Supporting reminiscence and cognitive stimulation to improve well-being, mood and social interaction

Created at the SyncTheCity hackathon run by the University of East Anglia and SyncNorwich
An easy way to create interactive digital memory books
Runs on any tablet computer and designed to be un-intimidating
Simple, practical way to use touchscreen tablets and maintain a family connection between visits
With memjo you can easily create interactive, intuitive, digital memory journals on our website
Simply install the app on any tablet computer and link with your account to download everything you have created
memjo is designed to maintain connections between visits and to help make every visit a positive experience
Giving the person using it a new skill and purpose, and allowing you to maintain a connection without “big brother” monitoring

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